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Title: New Beginnings
Pairing: There are only vague insinuations at any pairing at all. And I don't want to make this look weirder than it is. lmao
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm making it all up.
Summary: It's sort of an expansion on the last scene of the movie, in a way...
A/N: I make a vague reference to the prequel, which I assume pretty much no one has read... all you need to know is that we humans studied Megatron, made a space shuttle based on the technology, and secretly flung it up into space, where it ended up waaaaaaay farther out than planned, and they run into a confrontation between the Autobots and Decepticons. I think this is possibly the strangest thing I've written so far, and I'd like some sort of feedback. I have read the prequel and watched the movie once. I apologize if I've butchered something horribly, since I can't say I'm exactly knowledgeable about Transformers. Please let me know if I have. Comments are love. Constructive criticism welcome. This was written all in one sitting, and any mistakes are mine.

There are two humans pressed against each other. Pressed up against him. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and he doesn’t find it nearly as alarming as he once did, but it still bothers him in a way he can’t explain.

He can’t explain a lot of things nowadays, it seems.

He’s turned off most of his sensors in an almost pathetic attempt to see things from the human perspective. It’s a strange sensation, limiting his senses so much, but then again, humans are strange too. And it gives him a sense of tranquility. Serenity. Peace. (The humans have a lot of words that he thinks describe this feeling. His language only has a word for peace, and it doesn’t have quite the same meaning.) It allows him to really think.

He’s come to the realization that they were wrong in their assumptions that the humans were a primitive race. Oh they were very primitive when it came to technology, that much was painfully clear. They could spend forever teaching the poor things, and they would never come close to truly understanding what he found to be second nature. But watching the two humans together, he’s realized that they too have something that is unattainable.

He carefully studies each and every one of these encounters. He’s realized by now that this would not be appropriate behavior if he was a human. He’s not sure how he feels about that. Not sure if he wishes they regarded him as human enough to feel uncomfortable with this private but public display of affection, or if he’s eternally grateful for another chance to witness something that he knows most of his race could never even imagine.

Lately, he’s become more absorbed by these thoughts. He pauses his constant observation, quiets his sensors, and blocks out the world. He ignores the fact that it’s a potentially dangerous activity for him to be engaging in. He’s plagued by a strange sense of wistfulness, longing, another concept he’s completely unused to and unnerved by.

He thinks back to their first encounter with humans. The small, pathetic ship that bore unmistakable signs of their technology, despite the fact that it was so completely and obviously not theirs. A technological marvel for their kind, he’s come to realize, but a shaky and primitive version of something they had long ago perfected.

He shifts his attention from the two humans to Optimus, standing a good distance away, silently watching, his head tilted slightly, so slightly that it might just be wishful thinking on his part, and decides that maybe he’s not so alone in his musings as he’d assumed.

He looks at Optimus, and realizes that it’s their turn now. They have a chance to learn, to push their kind to new levels, new depths. An opportunity that never should have presented itself, but it’s here, now, and they can.

He looks at Optimus, and realizes it’s already begun.
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