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Because Torchwood is depressing, we're going to watch John Barrowman, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and some crazy chick on Jonathan Ross's show. Well, I am at least. Obviously I think you should too, because it's absolutely hysterical. Also, John Barrowman is kind of hyperactive and has an amazing smile. I also had no idea this show could be so informative... I just thought oooo, JB and Jonathan Ross, this should be great. Turns out Andrew Lloyd-Webber is a very kickass guy, and wtf writing a sequel to Phantom of the Opera? *shrugs* Anyways.

Part 2 is also hysterical and epic. Hence the title of this entry. lol He's adorable though, in a very hyperactive man-child way. And he loves his dogs. <3

Aaaaand then we get to JB (who wants to be spanked by the crazy chick) and ALW. The crazy chick parts 1 and 2 are absolutely insane. I mean, she seems like a bit of a bitch, but she's absolutely hysterical. And she seems to think JB and ALW are a couple, which is fanastic. JB dying of laughter at that is also fantastic. I don't like is outfit though. lol

Part 2 ends with a clip of Dr. Who, which is absolutely terrible because the whole what, 30 seconds of screen time for David Tennant makes me really want to watch it and that is a Really. Bad. Idea.

JB & ALW again! Their outfits kind of match this time, it's fantastic.

Part 2, where JB clearly shows that he's amazingly insane and used to take his dick out in the middle of a show (not where the audience could see, tragically) because it cracked people up. JR also pulls out more cracktastic old clips of JB in random stupid shit.

This post wasn't supposed to be this long at all, but I discovered the ALW bits today and had to add them. =D


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