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I wish I could combine facebook and LJ without facebook peoples knowing my lj name, but whatever. I'll advertise on AIM and get over it.

I always think about doing this and then never bother, but I have 10 more minutes to waste before band, and that's far too short a period of time for me to think about being productive, so here it is.

Because I'm nosey, and I just want to. Tell me what you think about me and/or my lj. This is not an "ohhh you're so nice and funny" post, unless you honestly think I'm nice and funny and have no bad things to say about me. If you read my LJ and think ZOMFG SHUT. UP., tell me so, and WHY. THe why is important. If you know me in person and some days just want to smack me because of something I do, say so! Constructive criticism is amazing, and I want it. So no being nice unless you honestly feel like being nice, though I'd also prefer reasons for bitchines. =) If you're sick of what I ramble about these days please do say so, and while I can't see myself not bitching in here, because I find it therapeutic, I still want to know, and I can change my ways! Maybe! Anyways, whatever. Anonymous comments (if for some reason you can't comment anonymously, tell me how to fix it! I'm not seeing options down there but maybe I'm being blind) are totally fine. Just be honest!
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